Amy Benjamin

Amy Benjamin is a nationally recognized consultant specializing in improving student performance through literacy and classroom conversation. Amy has given workshops, courses, and keynotes throughout the United States. Since moving to Long Island in 2018, she has worked with educators in 100+ districts in Nassau and Suffolk counties.

Amy Benjamin

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Amy's Books

My books are reader friendly and practical, written from my perspective as a classroom educator. 

Infusing Vocabulary Into the Reading-Writing Workshop

Infusing Vocabulary into the Reading-Writing Workshop

Learn how to make vocabulary instruction more effective by making better use of mini-lessons and word study time to achieve durable learning about words and how they work.

Infusing Grammar Into the Writer's Workshop

Infusing Grammar into the Writer's Workshop

Literacy experts Amy Benjamin and Barbara Golub offer best practices for fortifying the writer’s workshop model with meaningful, relevant instruction in grammar.

But I'm Not a Reading Teacher

But I'm Not a Reading Teacher

This book shows content area teachers in middle and high schools how to boost student achievement by including lessons and strategies which focus on students' reading comprehension without detracting from content area focus.

Focus on Text

Focus on Text: Tackling the Common Core Reading Standards, Grades 4-8

As schools shift to the Common Core, many English language arts teachers are left with questions about how their classrooms should look. Is fiction out? Can I still do strategy instruction?

Focus on Text is an excellent resource for teachers and instructional leaders who are working to align instruction and assessment to the Common Core. The book provides learning activities that engage students in the proficiencies outlined in the Common Core, and assessments that measure the level of proficiency students have gained when working within a particular reading standard. Amy Benjamin helps teachers understand what kinds of practices and assessments are rigorous enough to help students truly master the standards.

Mary O’Meara, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction

Plainview-Old Bethpage School District