Links of Interest This resource is amazing!  Differentiated, imaginative, rich, research-based. Spend some time exploring.      

  4-Puzzle Pages: To reinforce and revisit the 10 Subsets on the Academic Word List         

     Amy's Word Sorts: A great learning center activity for cooperative learning and differentiation

The Academic Word List with Spanish Cognates

Perfect Squares: Directions on how to create this word game

Latin Word Roots Visu

Whirly Words: A Game of Word Components


Amy's Connections and Coherence

Amy's There's No Such Thing as a Hard Word

Workshop Segment: Academic Vocabulary

Workshop Segment: How to Write a Cogent Argument 

Workshop Segment: Deterrmining Text Complexity

Workshop Segment: About Background Knowledge

Workshop Segment: Reading Lengthy and Complex Sentences

Workshop Segment: Reading Pace

Special Feature: Short Films about Grammar by Sue Behrens:

The 3 R's: Representation of Language in College, Reality of Language, and Realignment of Expectations

Classroom-Ready Vocabulary Resources:

Teach Vocabulary Through Lite Verse (You'll love this!)

A Vocabulary Unit Based on a Retelling of "Cinderella"

A Vocabulary Unit Based on a Retellling of "The Emperor's New Clothes"

A Vocabulary Unit Based on a Retelling of "Snow White"

For the list of Amy's books published by Routledge, click here.

 Amy's Books published by the National Council of Teachers of English

Grammar Alive! A Guide for Teachers

RxEdit: Prescriptive Lessons in Response to Student Writing Errors
 Students, click here for the lessons

Teachers, click here for the overview

RxRevise: Differentiated Lessons in Response to Students' Demonstrated Writing Needs in Addressing the Task, Development, Organization, and Language

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Amy's List of 101 Classic Books: Various levels

Amy's Classics