Links of Interest This resource is amazing!  Differentiated, imaginative, rich, research-based. Spend some time exploring.                 

     Amy's Word Sorts: A great learning center activity for cooperative learning and differentiation

The Academic Word List with Spanish Cognates


Amy's Connections and Coherence

Amy's There's No Such Thing as a Hard Word

Workshop Segment: Academic Vocabulary

Workshop Segment: How to Write a Cogent Argument 

Workshop Segment: Deterrmining Text Complexity

Workshop Segment: About Background Knowledge

Workshop Segment: Reading Lengthy and Complex Sentences

Workshop Segment: Reading Pace

Special Feature: Short Films about Grammar by Sue Behrens:

The 3 R's: Representation of Language in College, Reality of Language, and Realignment of Expectations

Classroom-Ready Vocabulary Resources:

Teach Vocabulary Through Lite Verse (You'll love this!)

A Vocabulary Unit Based on a Retelling of "Cinderella"

A Vocabulary Unit Based on a Retellling of "The Emperor's New Clothes"

A Vocabulary Unit Based on a Retelling of "Snow White"

Let the Simpsons Teach Vocabulary

A useful site for the Academic Word List


For the list of Amy's books published by Routledge, click here.

 Amy's Books published by the National Council of Teachers of English

Grammar Alive! A Guide for Teachers

RxEdit: Prescriptive Lessons in Response to Student Writing Errors
 Students, click here for the lessons

Teachers, click here for the overview

RxRevise: Differentiated Lessons in Response to Students' Demonstrated Writing Needs in Addressing the Task, Development, Organization, and Language

Students, click here for the lessons

Teachers, click here for the overview

Sentence Frames: From "The Positive Engagement Project," these sentence frames are great for scaffolding academic writing, especially for your English Language Learners and Special Education Students.

Amy's List of 227 Classic Books: Various levels

Amy's Classics