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Socratic Seminar: Text-Based Classroom Conversation: April 18 (Western Suffolk BOCES)

Blending Grammar and Vocabulary Instruction: What REALLY Works: April 19 (Western Suffolk BOCES)

"But I Don't Speak Spanish": Helping our Spanish-Speaking Students:  (Western Suffolk BOCES); March 22 (Nassau BOCES); 

Amy's Latest Post to Education Week: Teaching Vocabulary: Strategies for Teaching Vocabulary (Giving a weekly list of unrelated words to look up in the dictionary, use in a sentence, and take a quiz on Friday is NOT one of them.) Find it here.

A Must-Read Post by Amy from Education Week:  What (Really) Works in Writing Instruction. Find it here

Link to Amy's article for ASCD Express: Teach Vocabulary the Way Toddlers Learn

Link to Amy's white paper: Seven Classroom Routines that Promote Content Area Literacy

Link to Video Clip: Framing a Writing Task

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Common Core/Next Generation
English Regents Exam Workshop
English-Spanish Cognates on the Academic Word List
Writing Rubrics, 6-12
Sentence Frames
AWL Words on Regents Exams
Analytical Questions for Close Reading of Informational Text
Next Generation ELA Standards Workshop  

Infusing Grammar into the Writer's Worksho

Lifelong Readers/Writers "Cards"

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Decent Exposure: A classroom-ready resource for teaching vocabulary throughrepeated exposure to quality sentences excerpted from literature

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