What Other Educators say...

“Amy Benjamin gives us focused, organized, practical, and inventive strategies…Amy Benjamin's book has made a substantive and inventive contribution to classroom teachers.”

Heidi Hayes Jacobs
President, Center for Curriculum Mapping


"Imagine 15 teachers, from elementary through high school, working together during the last few days of summer vacation, to improve literacy instruction for our neediest students …and loving it! Amy led with humor, intelligence, and experience, and sent our teachers into the new year with renewed energy, increased skills, and the desire to collaborate."

Dr. Alice Gottlieb, Assistant Superintendent
Hendrick Hudson School District, Montrose, New York


"Amy Benjamin's approach to the teaching of grammar is the only one I have found that makes sense and is teachable. Youngsters not only learn grammar but they learn how to write more effectively. I am immensely impressed and only wish I had known about Amy's work thirty years ago.”

Faye Gage
Director of the Connecticut Writing Project


"At our mincourses for teachers, Amy Benjamin inspires with humor and charm and with a depth of knowledge that comes only with classroom experience, a solid foundation in literature and language, and a genuine passion for teaching. As a motivational speaker, Amy is awesome!"

Martha Kolln
Author of Understanding English Grammar